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Converts any CPAP to a BiLevel

Improve CPAP Compliance Today

Tired of dry nose, airflow, noise, that uncomfortable feeling and the pressure? MVP targets the cause of your problems and works with your CPAP to remove the side effects that prevent you from getting a good night sleep. Eliminate the complications of those expensive devices by using MVP. It works on any CPAP unit!

The majority of today's CPAP non-compliance is blamed on the continuous pressure of air being forced upon the patient by CPAP devices. In other words comfort is the issue. The innovative MVP a "CPAP Add-on" or "Upgrade" allows you to attach it quickly and easily without any tools. Just slip it on to your CPAP and reconnect your breathing tube to convert any manufacturers CPAP into a Bi-Level unit. Then get ready for the utmost in comfort and a good night sleep.

The MVP Advantage: