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The MVP BI-Level

This is a Bi-Level add-on that attaches to a CPAP unit. Without any tools it easily converts any CPAP into a Bi-Level. It is a limited reuse/disposable add-on device which when attached to any CPAP blower, changes the product into Bi-Level therapy. The fundamental action is that a MVP-Bi-Level converts the continuous flow of air (CPAP) into a continuous air splint but at two levels of air pressure. One elevated pressure level is experienced upon the patient's inspiration and a second, lower pressure level is felt during exhalation. This maintains open, stabilizes and supports the patent's upper airway during the complete breathing cycle while adding comfort. The simplicity of adding a disposable product to an existing CPAP significantly reduces the complexity of the device while supplying the patient a comfortable therapy which he previously lacked.

Like its sister product, the patented MVP-Bi-Level limited reuse disposable design eliminates the requirement for a more expensive standard Bi-Level blower. Together, the pricing and design improvements provide a significant advantage over existing technology.

The majority of today's non-compliance is blamed on the continuous pressure of air being forced upon the patient by CPAP devices. Many patients have given up on CPAP (40%-60% of all units sold to date) with this in mind we developed a family of products that a person can live with.

Treatment to a patient is accomplished by delivering a therapeutic bi-level flow of air into a nasal mask or nasal pillows worn by the patient. Very similar to the MVP Metered Variable Pressure product, the patient inhales elevated air pressurized. The controller senses exhalation and through an air circuit integrated into the system, the MVP reduces the supplied air pressure via the CPAP blower allowing the patient to exhale against a lower therapeutic pressure. The controller monitors the breathing waveform of the patient and sends a pulse to trigger the valve to adjust when the patient inhales.

The setup consists of a nasal mask or nasal pillows linked to a standard CPAP hose, connected to the MVP controller which is coupled to any CPAP unit. The controller is designed to monitor breathing and trigger an integrated system. The air from the blower of the CPAP passes through the MVP breathing circuit and then is delivered to the patient. Again, the air from the blower of the CPAP, moves through the MVP (controller), the standard CPAP breathing circuit(hose and mask) and then passes to the patient. The controller itself receives a signal from the patient and adjusts accordingly. The assembly requires no special check valve to allow the patient to breath freely and unassisted. The unit is capable of delivering 5-26 cm of H20 pressure to the patient. The maximum pressure realized from the MVP is that pressure of which the CPAP is set.

The characteristics of individual CPAP units, such as ramp up, are not affected by the MVP. Each patient will continue to receive the features that his CPAP unit can provide. No tools are required for attachment, simply push the MVP onto the CPAP hose port then reconnect the breathing hose to the MVP exhalation port. Plug the MVP power supply into any 110 V wall outlet and you are ready to experience comfortable sleep.

The MVP - Metered Variable Pressure

MPV - Metered Variable Pressure, is a positive pressure air or gas, limited reuse/disposable, add-on which has the capabilities of switching a CPAP or any positive air pressure device from a continious mode to a bolus mode. The principal of action is that a bolus of air (a "puff") is delivered into the patient's upper airway at the beginning of each inhale to stabilize and support the patent's upper airway during the subsequent breath. The simplicity of the delivery timing and the smaller volume of air dramatically reduces the complexity and cost of the final product design while supplying the patient with comfortable therapy. The patented MVP is a limited reuse disposable design. This device may be attached to any or any regulated compressed air source, w/o tools and may be used for drug delivery, MIV, snoring or sleep apnea.